Learning Management System

Unlocking the Potential of a Learning Management System (LMS) for Contractors, Visitors and Employees

Discover the myriad advantages that a Learning Management System tailored to your exact needs can bring to your organization:

  1. Effortless Organization of eLearning Content: Centralize all your eLearning materials seamlessly within the LMS, mitigating the risk of data loss and simplifying the delivery of your contractor or employee courses.
  2. Limitless Access to eLearning Materials: Once your eLearning course materials are uploaded and published on the LMS, your audience enjoys unlimited access to vital information at their convenience.
  3. Monitoring Learner Progress and Performance: Harness the power of the LMS to monitor learner progress, ensuring they meet performance milestones effectively.
  4. Streamlined Compliance Training and Certification: Leverage LMS software to efficiently manage compliance on a large scale, enabling contractors to engage in on-demand compliance training and secure timely certification.
  5. Strategic Cost Savings: Embrace the potential for significant cost savings, with the potential to reduce payroll and benefits expenses by 20-50% through efficient contractor utilization.

Elevate your contractor training initiatives by establishing a dedicated portal using our Millsite Training LMS software, empowering contractors with the essential knowledge to work safely on your jobsites.

"I really appreciate the usability of our online Training Management System from Abacus; it makes a big difference in my day to be able to focus on other things… like my job.
- Duane G. - Training Manager, Canfor Pulp

West Fraser Mills Ltd
Canfor Pulp
Quesnel River Pulp
Cariboo Pulp & Paper
Harmac Pacific - Naniamo Forest Products Ltd
 Mondi Hinton Inc
Blue Collar Silviculture
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